Frank James Fisher (born 1962 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American ceramic artist. Fisher lives and maintains a studio in Milford, Michigan.

Educational background

Fisher studied ceramic art with Jay Schurtliff at Central Michigan University while earning a BFA for graphic design in 1985.

From 2000-2002, Fisher studied with ceramicist John Albert Murphy.

Advertising influence

Fisher’s ceramic work is influenced by the graphic design principles developed during his extensive advertising career. He has worked in the Detroit advertising industry since entering the commercial art field as a graphic designer in 1985. From 1996 to 2006, his advertising agency, FCS, inc. brought a diverse blend of creative influences into his output and resulted in a unique blend of words and images on his artwork. Adept as a professional designer, writer and illustrator, Fisher is known and recognized for his graphic design narratives in the ceramic medium.


Fisher’s explorations of western raku exaggerate the graphic qualities of his work. Innovative clay construction methods push the limits of complex, ultra-thin porcelain sculptures fired in a raku environment. Fisher has evolved a variety of glaze application techniques, giving his ceramic surfaces a look of controlled chaos.

His ceramic art reveals a narrative of his life or current events found in the media.


Fisher teaches advanced ceramics courses in the metro-Detroit area. He demonstrates his art methods at workshops. He writes for several magazines including: Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Art and Perception magazine.