unfired teacan

The gallery section presented here collects many of my favorite pieces into one virtual exhibition. Every artist accumulates a body of work during their life. And while all art may have merit, the fact remains that some art simply resonates with greater depth and understanding than other art. For me, I consider that group to be my "greatest hits collection." Some of the works here received attention in publications or exhibitions and some are works that were pivotal or special in my artistic development. The work stretches back over the years.

My story: For 30 years I have made my living in the advertising and marketing field. I am also an artist. But fine art and advertising rarely mix in a gallery. It took me too long to recognize, accept and convert my advertising aesthetics into a ceramic form of art. My art is different than traditional pottery, to say the least, but for me it is a comfortable form of expression. All my 'tools of the trade' are in play and funneled through my abilities as a designer and into the clay medium. Illustration, photography, typefaces, headlines, body copy, taglines, color, layout and package design. It's all in there - building a narrative. My ceramics has embraced the dynamic advertising and communication methods of our American culture and applied them to anything and everything.

I hope you enjoy the work as much as I enjoyed creating it.