unfired teacanMy years as a graphic designer, painter and illustrator have instilled in me a love for two dimensional images. This inspired me to view the ceramic surface as a two dimensional object. My ceramic paintings have a visual impact both as a representational image and as a ceramic object. The surface is both a place and an object.

Some background: The idea of a two dimensional object began a decade ago when a television program showed archeologists excavating and preserving small potsherds from a Greek temple. This launched the concept of my artwork being uncovered thousands of year from today. I wondered about the interpretations my potsherds would cause in the future. How would the current American culture be viewed through my broken scraps of pottery? This line of thought lead to creating my Potsherd Series. While creating the series, the painterly process of applying glazes and washes rekindled my joy of painting. The potsherds have now evolved into ceramic paintings. And in several instances, the process has been used to create ceramic illustrations. This, to my knowledge, is the first time a ceramic object has been created for the sole purpose of being a commercial illustration. Art has taken me on a full circle journey several times around … from painter to illustrator to ceramicist to ceramic painter to ceramic illustrator.