My early years as a painter and illustrator instilled in me a inescapable love for painted realism, especially landscapes. Later, as a ceramic artist, I experimented with making solar print plates. The images were my black & white photos of Detroit, my neighborhood or travel stops. The ceramic print scapes have a visual impact, both as a representational image of a place and as a ceramic surface or object. 
The process I developed to make ceramic print scapes to be framed and hung on the wall, has also been used to create ceramic illustrations. Utilizing a camera, photoshop, a negative, a printing plate, clay, glazes, slips and a kiln, I am creating an illustration style to be photographed and printed as an illustration. To my knowledge this is the first time a ceramic object has been created for the sole purpose of being a commercial illustration, including comic book cover art. Art has taken me on a full circle journey several times around … from painter to illustrator to ceramicist to ceramic painter to ceramic illustrator.