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Frank James Fisher

Flask | Money

Flask | Money

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Money | Pop Artifact Series

The primary clay body is porcelain. The currency graphics are created by impressing the clay with print plates. After bisque firing, the impressions are colored with washes of green and black satin glazes. Interior of the flask is glazed with a food-safe satin black glaze. After final firing to cone 5, the cork stopper and cord are added. 

About this artwork ...

There is a rich variety of medical cures lining the shelves of the neighborhood drug store. My ceramic ‘cures’ are different. My products contain solutions to problems or issues you wish could be fixed, controlled, eliminated or even enhanced. Simply stated, these bottles are imaginary ‘what-if’ products to give you whatever you desire. You may even want to give a dose to an enemy!

These medicinal cures confront ailments such as a broken heart, financial ruin, addiction, confusion, death, and all seven sins. There are also ointments for denial, remorse, escape, love, rebirth, and family. So, should you need a salve, lotion, remedy, solvent, pill, syrup, powder or a healthy swig to get you through one more day, this is a good place to look. Then, like so much we chase in contemporary life, you will have acquired instant satisfaction.

Slab-Built Porcelain with cork, cord, metal eyelet | Cone 5 oxidation fired

Size: 4.5h x 3.375w x 1.0d inches

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